Getafe Beige Outdoor Porcelain Paving Tiles – Patio Pack – 20mm

Getafe Beige outdoor porcelain is a high-quality and durable flooring material that is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments. It provides both functional and aesthetic benefits, making it a popular choice for outdoor design.



GETAFE BEIGE PORCELAIN MIX PATIO PACK is designed to replicate natural stone into porcelain with varying light grey tones and a finish that feels naturally riven texture.

This porcelain offers you the best of both worlds with the beauty of natural stone and the added benefits of low-maintenance and highly durable Porcelain Paving! With a slip-resistance rating of R11,
Our porcelain tiles will retain their grip underfoot, even when wet and as a non-porous stone, they won’t allow moisture to penetrate the surface which will help to prevent any build-up of moss or algae, saving you time and money!

Surface: Riven texture surface.
Pack coverage is based on when laid using 10-20mm joint.

Products Thickness(mm)


Colour and shade variations in porcelain will occur, please contact us before ordering to match any previous orders